Monday, December 10, 2007

Second interview.

I got as call back from a first interview for another position within another large bureaucracy. Its a job working for an institution providing expert testimony on behalf of the Public's interest concerning rates charged before the Public Utilities Commission.

My current job is rather mindless, but it requires a sense of order I have managed to sustain for two years. I am capable as an accountant/auditor keeping records and such, but my tendency is still towards the creative and chaotic - at least in comparison to what you will normally find inside bureaucratic institutions. A Public Rates Analyst is not exactly a position filled by artists and poets, but it does require the application of theory and is much more stimulating than a position as a record-keeper that I currently am employed as.

I imagine my days will be much busier, but also more interesting. Essentially, I will be employed as an economist - which is what I trained as in graduate school. However, an economist that only studies one specific industry (telecommunications) recognizing trends and setting up the terms for just and fair markets. In my second interview I have to give a presentation on some subject that has yet to be revealed to me. I go in on a week from today.

I look forward to it as a break form my current schedule and routine consisting of mind-numbing monotony. However, age has tempered my penchant for assuming that a new job will finally bring me the sense of satisfaction I am looking for. A job is a job and my ultimate satisfaction can only be found away from employment. For now, however ( and likely till I am old and decrepit) employment is necessary and I am coming on three years in the same job. With some luck and a good performance, change may soon come.


Richard said...

3 years might be close to a record for you, no? I must say I miss being a Park Ranger. Most days it's just you and the wind.

But teaching is OK, too. Its all what you put into it. The kids give you constant feebdack by how attentive they are. I try not to blame them if I have a bad day. A lot of times its administrative crapola - doing a dance to keep the parents and the principal off you're back.

Andy B said...

I was a mail carrier for the USPS for 7 years, so I think that is my record.

I'd love to be a park ranger. Actually I think I'd just like to live in the woods and not have to deal with much of anybody...

I was getting my Masters in Education while attempting to get employment after I received my Masters in Education. I thought being a teacher would be a good fallback career. I somehow stumbled across John Taylor Gatto. Well, you know, I kind of came to the conclusion that public education is the source of a lot of our problems. There are a lot of well meaning teachers out there and there is this belief that if we could attract better teachers or train teachers better, then we would have a better education system.

I used to think that. After Gatto, I convinced myself that the institution of Public schools is just too screwed to be fixed by good teachers. What age kids do you teach Richard?

Andy B said...


..after receiving my Masters in economics.

Richard said...

I teach middle school, 7th graders mostly. So they are about 13.

MOst people do'nt wish to go thru that age in there lives. But I wish I were them. I'd gladly do it all over again. I'd graduate this time.