Friday, February 27, 2009

I have found my way back!

I apologize for being away for a year. I took a new job. I am still a bureaucrat, but I no longer work for a municipality. I can no longer post while I am working (internet policy) so I bring you my thoughts via a county Library terminal on the weekend. I am still a luddite after all.

First, let me send a shout out to Richard, one of the rare visitors (can I call him a fan?) to this dilapidated blog who has been popping in periodically to see if I have got it up and running again. Let’s hope he has not completely given up on me and finds his way back.

I really don’t have much to report. I am writing more as a result of the winter duldrums than anything. Actually, this blog should probably be renamed as “The Nightshift,” since most of my posts will be late night creations when I am unable to sleep. You see, I actually think I am a fairly creative individual. Really, I believe we all are creative, but some of us don't find enough time to exercise our talents. As we get older, the we become lazier and lazier often until we eventually find ourselves sitting in front of a monitor or TV laughing at those who are much less talented than our own selves or so we deceive ourselves.

But, I hope to get some thoughts down for the rare visitor and also for my own inspiration to stoke the creative juices. Let’s hope I am able to make a more sustained run of blogposts this time.

I won’t be making daily observations like before from my workspace, but rather posts will come in bunches. Feel free to read them over a span of days rather than take them all in in one sitting. I will have continue with thoughts on my life, the economy, politics and everything else under the sun, including occasional excerpts from stories and more ambitious projects I am currently working on.

Glad to be back, or should I begin this as I once did when I first began “The Dayshift.”


To myself, since I will be the only visitor for some time and some more time to come.

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Richard said...

A fan. A freind. A whatever.

Happy April Fools Day, dude.

I think I posted on the actual holiday for once. Many happy returns!