Friday, July 20, 2007

There went Friday

And here comes the weekend.

See you all Monday, but I have a question if anyone can provide an answer.

Why isn't there a U after the Q in Al Qeada? I was told that Q always comes with a U. No wonder they are terrorists.


andrew said...

There are variations, as you know in the spelling, because they have been transcribed from a language (Arabic) written in a different script. It is a word which means 'the base' and has an equivalent in Hebrew (another Semitic language) where David had his base before he became king,

Andy B said...

Thank you, Andrew,

But, seeing as we are imposing our will everywhere else in the world, I am just slightly baffled by our appropriation of the arabic spelling. I mean if we can bomb them and we are at war with them, why not spell their name the American was as Al Queada?

andrew from mankato said...

Oh yeah, tooshay.