Friday, July 6, 2007

Yay!, It's already the weekend -that was a short week

The previous post comes across a little self-righteous. You should always keep in mind when reading anything I write, that I really am just flying by the seat of my pants. I am not judging anyone on the way they live their lives. I just think each of us should take more care in our lives. Our lives might be more meaningful if we were producers for an economy in addition to being consumers and selling our labor. When producing goods for people to buy in our local communities we will take care in these products and how they are produced. That is something missing from today’s global economy.

I took out the comments feature for most of my threads a few weeks back. I just decided it wasn’t necessary and I hated to judge the quality of my posts by the number of comments I received. I will usually place a thread with the comments feature on at the end of the week so you can comment on the previous week’s posts, or anything else you like until your heart’s content over the weekend in this space.

I'm going to pick up a four-pack of 16oz cans of my new favorite micro brew available in Mpls/St Paul area -- Surleys Furious and one 4-pk of the Cynic too. See you on Monday the 9th.


Richard said...

You're neice is qute. We can only hope that she grows up to be a luddite, too.

I will not buy a garage door openner ever! Who wants to loose electric power while being in the garage with the doors jammed in the down position with my car running!!! Carbon dioxide poysoning! Can you imagaine a worser way to dye? I would have to sledge hammer my way out and then Id' have this big hole in my garage door. I ask you, is that hole worth having a garage door openner for? No, of course not!

And bottled water I just dont' get. Don't we still have running water coming out of the taps?? You Go to the store, buy all this heavy water in plastic bottles by the case rapped in shrink wrap, lug it home, then when your thirsty, you gotta go find the case, struggle thru the shrink rap, get the bottle, open it, pour it into a glass, drink it, remember where you put down the cap, then dispose of the plastic in the regular garbage and fill up the landfills or worse put it in the recycling bin in the garage that I always forget to put on the street the one day a month they come and pick it up so then I gotta haul the bottles all the way out to the recycling center myself when all I have to do is turn on the fawcet and stick my mouth under it? Think about it. Is this hard?

Andy B said...

You are tight on Richard.

All these supposed technological innovations are supposed to be making our life's easier. But, what do they really do?

I think they make our lives much more difficult. Your example of bottled water and garage door openers is perfect.

Come on, who can't just open up a garage door without the opener. No one even knows how easy it is, because they all have openers, so it must be hard, Right?

Just like answering machines, voice mail and now cell phones. We got along just fine with busy signals and letting it ring ten times. Matter of fact, we probably got along fine without phone calls at all. Anyone heard of writing a letter? Dropping by?

That's what I'm talking 'bout Richard. That's what I'm talking about.