Monday, June 11, 2007

Name Change

After a weekend of camping with my five year old son, I gave some thought to this newfound project of mine that we call a blog. I came up with some ideas.

1. Andy B***'s Blog was not a good name for a blog. I changed it. It is now called The Dayshift. I only have access to the internet at my workplace and since I am such a dedicated and trusted employee who is productive beyond all expectations, I use some of my downtime to read and write on the internet. This is done to relieve the monotony of the workday.

2. I also gave thought over the purpose of my blog. Should it be a diary that I use to stoke the creative juices and pass the time at work. Or should I strive to attract as many visitors as possible, or some combination of the above. I am still mulling this over. I guess this is a follow up of my previous post on writing and vanity. Writing is a solitary activity. All writers aspire to have readers, but most writers would write whether or not there was an audience or not. I read somewhere once, perhaps in the New York Times about a poll that gave a high percentage for the number of individuals who believed that a novel or story was incubating somewhere inside of them - upwards of 80% or so. I found this discouraging, but this was before the days of blogs and the proliferation of individuals writing on the internet confirms this poll. I used to believe that the main purpose of writing was to achieve immortality thorough the preservation of our thoughts through time. This is another symptom of vanity in my opinion. I think I will just let this blog be what it is - a temporary relief from the boredom of a monotonous day at work.

And hello to my one visitor so far - Matt.

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