Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why write a blog?

That is the question.

Something about it seems very vain. But, perhaps all of writing is vain. Maybe all of language, communicating?

Do I think I am clever? Or do I think my thoughts are that important. I want to answer, no, for myself, - but I certainly think that of most of what is written by all other bloggers out there. But, thats not really fair either.

You know...We write to hear ourselves think and we read because we want to hear how others think. It is part of being human. Plus, I write when I am bored and I am bored at work.

That is the inspiration for this blog. I am bored... At Work...

Are you?


Matt said...

Dear Andy Bahn's Blog,

Is writing vain? Or is writing in vain? Now that's a question that strikes at ambiguities, philosophical problems, and the problems of a blogger who doesn't give out his blog address to anybody. The perfect kind of topic for you I think.

I expect some personal reflections on life and wisdom, Mr. Bahn. I know you have a lot of it.

p.s. I know how to post audio. Ask me about it.

Andy Bahn said...

Hello Matt,

I listened to your voice while at work on my computer terminal turned down real low. The sound quality and level provide only your accent and I was unable to decipher the speech. As David Commented on your blog, your voice sounded a bit like mine. Monotoned and midwestern.

I am not sure how I would be able to post audio from work here. I can burn my music to a disc, but from there, who knows? Really, though, the songs are not that good, unless you know me and can fill in the blanks, such as, "well, for a guy who cannot keep good rhythm and who doesn't sing that well, and never learned to play guitar and bass the right way, and doesn't really know how to use the recording equipment I suppose it is not half bad."

But, how do you post audio, anyway, in case I wanted to.