Wednesday, June 6, 2007


To me, since I am the first visitor to this blog and will be, perhaps, the only one.

Tell you what. I will refrain from joining the growing list of blogs in the internet community, if you fail to show up to tell me not to. However, if you show up and say something, anything at all, God help you. You will be responsible for what is yet to come.

As my Blog says, I am Andy B***. Perhaps, you have known me in the past and you were searching through your memory banks and up came my name. A search of Google prompted you to this blog - where you have learned little other than I was alive on June 6, 2007. I can assure you, though, I am the Andy B*** you are recalling from your memory banks. I'm a little over forty, I************ *******************************************************************Now, I grow fruits and vegetables and compose songs on an acoustic guitar with titles like, "a Foolish Man," "Wishbone," and "Hidden Fraternities." I would post these songs for you to listen too but I have no idea how. Plus, they're not that good.

*****Update: Sorry, I edited out my name. Actually you don't know me. Even if you did, I'll never admit it. My name isn't even Andy. and my last name doesn't start with B. Plus, I died several years ago and so did Andy. WHoever, you were looking for, you should look somewhere else.

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