Monday, June 11, 2007


Most of us have jobs. I envy the ones who don't.

Jobs fall into three categories.

  1. Jobs we love
  2. Jobs we hate
  3. Jobs we tolerate
My job falls into the third category. Most of us have jobs we tolerate and eventually these jobs we start to hate for stealing our souls. Once we begin to hate them, we should quit. Actually, if you want to have a soul you HAVE to quit.

I can tolerate my job, because I can still pursue outside interests and I relieve the monotony by writing this blog. What do I do? I am a bureaucrat working for a municipality. I talk to citizens all day and I stare at a computer screen as I manipulate data. I attend meetings and give powerpoint demonstrations and hand out excel spreadsheets. Then, I return to my cubicle and take a look at the river 10 stories below and try to regain my sanity, before turning around and staring some more at my screen.

What amazes me is the amount of people out there who appear to be doing the exact same thing.

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